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Mainland License

Mainland Company Setup

Mainland License in Dubai

As Dubai and the whole UAE region continue to …

Business Set up in Freezone

Mainland Company Setup

Freezone in Dubai

The entire process of starting the process of establishing a Freezone company’s  …

Banking Assistance

PRO Services in the Dubai

PRO-services companies in Dubai

The process of opening a bank account in not an easy process for an expatriate. 

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Business One Services is committed to helping you realize the dream of running your own company within the UAE. The company was founded at Dubai, Business One Services has assisted numerous small and large firms successfully launch their business over the years

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At ‘Business One Setup,’ we specialize in facilitating business setups in Dubai. The investment required to start a business in Dubai varies based on factors such as business type, location, and specific licensing requirements. Our team understands these intricacies, and we offer a comprehensive cost estimation tool tailored to your needs. ‘Business One Setup’ provides a transparent breakdown of all expenses associated with launching your business in Dubai. Utilize our cost calculator to strategically plan your investment, ensuring a transparent and manageable journey towards establishing your business in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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