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Visa Services in the Dubai

We offer a variety of visa-related services in Dubai that include visa documentation and assistance with issuance for companies and individuals in the Emirates. We have a dedicated and highly skilled Visa application and documentation team to manage some of the more requested services.

The team we have of Visa consultants located in Dubai is in close contact with clients from the initial consultation to the final issue of the visa. We provide the processing of visas and documents with great accuracy and rigor and this is evident in our huge customer base. From the initial stages until the finalization of visa procedures, we provide an array of visa services that are available in Dubai as well as UAE to aid our clients.

Types of Visa

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Business Visa

Work (Employment) visas are required for foreigners who want to seek an employment opportunity within the UAE. It is a Work Permit Visa is issued after the issuance of an Entry Permit visa. The Work Visa may differ based on the nature of work performed and the duration of the employment. The applicant needs to pass an obligatory medical exam before obtaining the Work Visa.


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Investor Visa

Family visa permits expatriates to be a sponsor for his children, spouse or parents to travel with them in the UAE. The Family visa is required to be able to enter the UAE when you travel with close relatives. The possibility of sponsoring is only available when the employee is an expat and has an active Residence permit.


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Family Visa

The name implies that it is a visa for investors. Investor visa is targeted at foreign investors. The visa for investors is focused on investment and aimed at encouraging foreign investment into the UAE. It is issued by the Ministry of UAE issues the visa, and its validity is three years. The person applying for an Investor Visa is required to make a deposit of a certain amount.


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Business Visa

A business visa issued in the UAE can be granted to expats and their children and has a long-term validity. The visa is targeted at foreign entrepreneurs and investors. It is mandatory for Business Visa applicants to have significant professional experience before applying. There are additional prerequisites as well.

If you’re trying to get professional assistance for visa services, then you are in the right place. We at Business One have a team of highly skilled Visa consultants who, with their experience, can assist you in getting the right visa applicable for you.. Our business consultants will help you through the steps of applying for a visa and will assist you with obtaining all required documents.

With our expert guidance and strong connections to the government we will help you get visa in a matter of days without stress. We also provide assistance with the requirements for trade licenses as well as PRO-related services.