The Vital Role of The Department of Economic Development

The DED Entrepreneurial permit empowers emerging businesses in Dubai to engage in online commerce and utilize various social media platforms for their operations. This permit is designed to steer entrepreneurs toward the correct route for entering the business realm. By means of the DED Entrepreneurial license, Dubai’s Economy Department strives to govern and improve the electronic business environment, making it more conducive for trade.


To verify the validity of one’s trade license within the jurisdiction of Dubai through an online process, several platforms and services offered by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) can be utilized. These platforms encompass the following alternatives:

  • Conducting an inquiry based on the business name or business activity via the Unified Commercial Registration System.
  • Employing the trade name search feature accessible on the official DET website.
  • Searching for specific business activities is also available on the DET website.
  • Accessing license-related information by utilizing the e-Services portal.
  • Pursuing the application process for obtaining a DED Trader license, designed specifically for online and social media enterprises, through the dedicated DED Trader website.

The Instant License Service

The accolade of the ‘Flag’ in the Hamdan bin Mohammed Program for Smart Government in 2019 was bestowed upon the Instant Licence service, a remarkable achievement. This service streamlines the process for business proprietors by enabling them to secure their commercial licenses expeditiously, encompassing all necessary steps within a concise five-minute timeframe. This pioneering initiative facilitates the establishment and operation of businesses in Dubai, offering the added advantage of issuing an electronic Memorandum of Association (MOA) and provision of a virtual site for the initial year exclusively.

Upon the issuance of the trade license, the licensee promptly gains membership in the Dubai Chamber, an establishment card from the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs, as well as three work permits for employees from the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization.

Moreover, the issuance of the Instant Licence now incorporates the registration of “Native” workers in the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization. This step aligns with the broader strategy of implementing Emiratization policies endorsed by the Cabinet under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. These policies are aimed at fostering private sector engagement in attracting UAE Nationals and enhancing their competencies and skills, thereby empowering them to effectively lead in the competitive knowledge-based economy.

The Instant License service encompasses four distinct legal forms, namely: Limited Liability Company, One Person L.L.C, Sole Proprietorship, and Civil Company.

The Instant Licence Service

trade license renewal

The process for renewing a trade license issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED) is conducted through a series of well-defined steps. To initiate the renewal procedure, individuals or entities can opt to submit their renewal request through multiple avenues, including the DED website, the Invest in Dubai platform, or by visiting one of the Dubai Department of Economic Development service centers. During this process, essential information such as the existing license number must be provided, alongside the creation of a payment voucher. Additionally, a crucial requirement entails the submission of a valid tenancy contract, duly attested by EJARI.

Payment of the applicable fees can be accomplished conveniently either online or through authorized payment channels. Subsequently, once the payment has been successfully processed, the renewed trade license is promptly dispatched to the applicant via email or SMS. Moreover, to ensure the seamless continuation of legal operations, the DED proactively notifies customers via SMS when their license approaches its expiration date, or alternatively, individuals can proactively initiate the renewal process through various available delivery channels.

trade license renewal

You can also check a company’s trade license status by visiting the Sharjah Media City (Shams)

Tips for Effective Use of the DED Website

1. Utilize Official DED Website: Ensure you access the official DED website specific to the emirate where the company is registered to access accurate and reliable information.

2. Prepare Company Details: Prior to commencing your search, gather essential company information, such as the trade license number or trade name, for a seamless search process.

3. Verify Information: While the online search offers valuable insights, it’s important to note that displayed data may not always be the most current. If you require real-time confirmation of a trade license’s status, consider reaching out directly to the DED for verification.

To refine your search, consider the following questions:

  • – What type of business are you seeking?
  • – Where is the business situated or operating?
  • – Do you possess the trade license number or trade name of the business?

DED Dubai e-services

DED Dubai e-services encompass a range of online offerings delivered by the Department of Economic Development. These services are tailored to assist businesses and individuals in Dubai in executing a variety of transactions pertaining to their licenses. Among the diverse array of e-services available are: initiating a new license application, facilitating trade name renewals, securing initial approvals, conducting business activity searches, facilitating fee and fine payments, and acquiring commercial permits. Moreover, you have the option to apply for a DED Trader license, which grants you the ability to conduct business operations both online and on social media platforms. Accessing these e-services mandates the completion of a registration process on the DED website, requiring the submission of your username and password.

Dubai economy and tourism

Dubai economy and tourism

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DET) plays a pivotal role in fostering the emirate’s economic and tourism sectors. As a government entity, DET is dedicated to promoting sustainable growth, elevating global awareness of Dubai’s offerings, and attracting investment and tourism. Serving diverse stakeholders including SMEs, industrial sectors, and investors, DET aims to bolster Dubai’s economic competitiveness and advance city-scale benchmarks. With a focus on future-oriented planning, DET is committed to constructing a resilient and sustainable economy by anticipating challenges and opportunities.



The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) functions as a government entity responsible for overseeing the economic and business sectors within the capital city. As implied by its name, the department is actively involved in formulating trade and industry policies, spearheading economic initiatives, executing strategic plans, managing budget allocations, and providing regulatory oversight for entities contributing to sustainable economic development.

In addition to these responsibilities, ADDED Abu Dhabi is tasked with producing analytical reports, recommending economic tariffs and fees, fostering economic competitiveness, and facilitating the issuance of trade and industry licenses to both companies and organizations.

Regulatory Divisions within Abu Dhabi DED

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) collaborates with its four regulatory divisions to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of its diverse service sectors. These regulatory units within the Abu Dhabi DED encompass:


Since its inception in March 2013, the Abu Dhabi Business Center (ADBC) has steadfastly committed itself to cultivating a conducive business environment within the emirate. ADBC plays a pivotal role in initiating and overseeing projects and initiatives aligned with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. With a paramount focus on simplifying business processes, ADBC diligently facilitates and guides investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses by providing a comprehensive array of essential services and approvals required for their seamless operation.

Abu Dhabi’s Competitiveness Office

Within the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), the Competitiveness Office of Abu Dhabi (COAD) shoulders the vital responsibility of not only attaining but also sustaining a globally recognized competitive advantage for Abu Dhabi. COAD spearheads a range of strategic economic initiatives, collaborating closely with key stakeholders, including private businesses and enterprises. Through this collaborative effort, COAD formulates and implements policies that are instrumental in unlocking the full productive potential of the emirate’s economy, ensuring it remains at the forefront of global competitiveness.


At the heart of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) plays a pivotal role in the emirate’s economic landscape. ADIO’s primary mandate is to attract foreign investments while harnessing the potential of local investors to drive sustained economic expansion. Employing a strategic blend of integrated services and promotional initiatives, the department actively assists both existing and prospective investors in establishing and expanding their business endeavors within Abu Dhabi.

Essential Services Provided by ADDED

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) offers a comprehensive suite of services for businesses, categorizing them into four distinct domains, each managed by the respective ADDED department. All of these valuable ADDED services are conveniently accessible online through TAMM Abu Dhabi. Let’s delve into an overview of these essential ADDED services.

Resources for Investment and Business

ADDED offers an array of investment and business tools, encompassing, but not confined to:

  • The ADBC Golden Service
  • A platform for consumer and investor grievances
  • Streamlined commercial licensing procedures
  • The issuance of commercial registry certificates
  • License inquiries

Contact Information for Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED)

Contact Information for Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED)

While ADDED oversees economic development in the capital, DED Dubai performs a similar role to sustain Dubai’s economic growth. The Abu Dhabi government efficiently coordinates its numerous regulatory bodies and organizations. For instance, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) regulates the education sector. Matters and policies concerning transport development in the capital are managed by the Department of Transport (DoT), while the distribution and maintenance of electricity and water supplies fall under the purview of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC).

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